ECO Laboratory

It is essential to carry out trace analysis in addressing the stringent global regulations regarding product safety and environmental impact. We are committed to manufacture products which are globally acceptable. Sophisticated analytical techniques are required in order to identify the source of trace impurities, which help to make proactive decisions regarding product quality and safety. Spectrum’s Eco laboratory is well equipped with modern instrumentation facility and standard analytical methods which are capable of chemical analysis at ultra low levels.

Functions of Eco Laboratory:

  • Analysis of trace impurities at ppm level
  • Evaluations of restricted substances such as Chlorinated Organic Carriers (COCs), Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Chlorinated Phenols, Heavy Metals etc.
  • Identification of components in mixed dyestuffs & reverse engineering
  • Broad range of analytical capabilities to aid in designing products as per regulations such as ZDHC, OEKO TEX, Bluesign etc.
  • Issuance of different certificates as per the requirements
  • Emphasis on product safety during entire supply chain
  • Coordinating with R&D for preparing and maintaining product Safety Data Sheets

Other vital contribution of the Eco laboratory is to assist our Production Units,Pre-treatment Plants (PTP) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs). The routine analysis of the effluents and air emission samples collected from all production units are carried out and communicated with the EHS department. The state and national environmental regulations are observed and followed diligently in disposing off the effluents and to meet the air emission norms.

The additional functions of Eco Laboratory include:

  • Physico-Chemical analysis of raw water, ground water and waste water
  • Evaluation of Waste water at multiple treatment stages and compliance evaluation
  • Performing tests on the waste solids and categorizing for disposing as per regulations
  • Analysis of flue gas samples collected from multiple stacks