Backed by a contemporary production facility, a modern comprehensive laboratory, Spectrum has developed the capability to manufacture almost all commercially available Disperse Dyes.  Spectrum has over 150 dyes ex-stock at any point of time to cater to the instant needs of the customers. We solicit enquiries for all Disperse Dyes and are also open to manufacturing customized requirements, especially for those dyes that are challenging to synthesize.

Our product range includes the following:

Luminous Series

We are the first manufacturer to commercially produce this range of dyes and are more known for the same worldwide. These dyes are an innovation as a result of our continual dedication towards our core strength – Research and Development.

  • Fluorescent dyes for bright shade
  • Can be used as illuminates in printing
  • Robust to everyday processing variations
  • Used for high visibility fabrics

General Series

  • General Series Dyes
  • Based on Azo
  • Special Type of Chromophore Range
  • Covers Entire Gamut of shades

Anthraquinone Series

  • Based on Anthraquinone
  • Selective dyes are suitable for Colour Discharge
  • Good Light Fastness
  • Good stability to pH

RD Series

  • Compact dyeing process, suitable for rapid dyeing.
  • High bath exhaustion and complete diffusion
  • High operational reliability
  • Substantial savings in time, energy and chemicals

MD Series

  • Excellent bright shades.
  • Very good build-up properties.
  • High productivity through optimized rapid dyeing
  • Excellent reproducibility and compatibility

XF Series

  • Designed for high wash fastness.
  • Minimum staining to nylon
  • Meets stringent washing fastness requirement
  • Versatile application

HW Series

  • Designed for good all-round fastness
  • Minimum staining to nylon
  • Good thermomigration
  • Low cross-staining and wide application in various blended fabrics.